Training courses

Training courses

CPA srl offers swimming pool installers practical product training and technical-commercial training courses for the sale of swimming pools.

The topics that will be addressed during the practical courses are different, such as the laying and welding of the covering membrane, the assembly of the swimming pool structure, the system etc .. while there will be a more theoretical course dedicated to sale of swimming pools and commercial techniques to achieve the goals.

Each of these will take place on several dates, to better organize the numbers of the participants and divide them into the different meetings. The dates and the number of courses will be fixed according to the adhesions of the interested parties.

You can subscribe to the courses by filling out the form online in the card of each course, and send it completed by email to the address

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Acquisition of Technical and Theoretical Skills

Professional training courses offer a balance between theory and practice, allowing participants to fully understand both fundamental concepts and advanced techniques

Update on Regulations and Innovative Technologies

Participating in training courses allows you to stay up to date, ensuring you operate in compliance with current laws and use the most modern technologies to improve efficiency and safety in the pool

Improved Career Opportunities

Specific professional training in the swimming pool industry can significantly increase job and career opportunities. Employers look for candidates with certified skills and up-to-date knowledge.

Quality and Safety Guarantee for Customers

Attending practical and theoretical training courses ensures that professionals can provide a high quality service, minimizing risks to swimmers and ensuring that swimming pools are kept in optimal condition.


New details on the programs and dates of the training courses will be available in the coming months. We are excited to be able to contribute to your ongoing education and the success of your businesses.